17 April 2018

AOPA Flight Training Experience Survey Now Open

AOPA has a question or two for anyone who has gone on a training flight with a flight instructor in the past 12 months: How would you rate the experience? Did it leave you inspired and motivated, or did the service you received fall short of your expectations? Follow this link to take the survey, give us feedback, and RMFTC may again be among the top schools in the nation.

01 November 2017

AOPA Flight Training Experience Awards

The Peterson Aero Club has been recognized by AOPA and many of our customers as a Distinguished Flight School for 2017!

This puts us in the top 4% of more than 1,200 flight schools throughout the United States.

Zoan Harclerode was recognized as the Best Flight Instructor in the United States. Thank you to everyone for completing the survey.

11 March 2016

Last Month to get a combined Student Pilot Certificate & FAA Medical

On 1 April 2016 Student Pilot Certificates will no longer be issued with FAA Medical Certificates. If you'd like the opportunity to get a Student Pilot Certificate before 1 April, be sure to sign up on the list outside of Zoan's desk in the IP Briefing area.

On 1 April all applicants for a Student Pilot Certificate will have to applied through IACRA and get the application validated by a CFI, DPE, or FAA Operations Inspector. FAA Airmen Certification says there will be a 3 week lag to allow TSA to vet each application. If everything checks out, a plastic Student Pilot Certificate will be issued with no expiration and will be valid until the pilot earns a higher level certificate. Apply at: IACRA.faa.gov

The FAA rule can be found at:  https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/01/12/2016-00199/student-pilot-application-requirements

Flight Instructors should follow the guidance in the new version of AC 61-65F at: https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/advisory_circulars/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentID/1028988
The pdf version of the above advisory circular at:         http://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_61-65F.pdf

11 June 2015

FAA Medical Exams

Whether you get your FAA medical certification through the Peterson Aero Club or with another examiner there a number of conditions in which the AME (FAA Aviation Medical Examiner) can issue provided you bring additional documentation. These conditions include: Arthritis, Asthma, Colitis, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C, Hypertension, Migraine & Chronic Headache, Pre-Diabetes, Renal Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Testicular Cancer.

Prior to making an appointment with any AME go to the following FAA site, download and complete the appropriate worksheet. https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/avs/offices/aam/ame/guide/certification_ws/

The worksheets provide the information CAMI (FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute) requires and allow the AME to issue a medical certificate without, the often, months of back and forth FAA correspondence.

The site for the basic FAA medical application is medxpress.faa.gov

06 May 2015

Jumpers at Springs East Airfield

!!!!One more thing to watch out for at Springs East Airfield!!!!!
"Out of the Blue Skydiving" company is now operating their Cessna Caravan with sky diving jumpers out of Springs East Airfield. Their website indicates they are busiest on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, & Mondays. They have been making calls on the multi-com frequency 122.9. Keep a good lookout at all times!!!!